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Video Footage

This is a video log of the subject, Corey "Mad Man" Marshall, engaging in behavior that should warrant closer observation. We encourage persons to further observe the subject in a live setting with crowds of people. We would also like for observers to log their experience on this website.

Footage #1

At the start of each set, The Mad Man appears to be of sound mind until his madness is triggered by audience laughter. At this point the subject engages in an improvised performance, that can only be described as Mad.


"While on stage, I always try to get into a good creative flow. The sooner I get there, the sooner I can take the audience into my Mad world."

The subject shows signs of "Dissociative Identity Disorder" (DID), previously known as "Multiple Personality Disorder" (MPD). Most cases are show at least two dissociated personality states. This subject displays at least five. This is too many.

Footage #2

In this old VHS footage, the subject clearly shows more signs of "Dissociative Identity Disorder" (DID).

Footage #3

We have no idea what this is. But, we will put this in his file.

Footage #4