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January 27, 2017

October 31, 2016

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Staring At Potential

January 27, 2017

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We Survived Halloween

October 31, 2016


Growing up, I always looked forward to Halloween. Back in the day it was the norm to go pick a box that had your full costume inside. One thing I remember very clearly was that you had to wear your regular clothes underneath, Then step inside the plastic smelly suit. The plastic mask should have been called “face traps”. Because, I know plenty of kids including myself who have gotten popped by that blasted rubber band that runs across the back of the mask. And for a few days afterwards, most kids had a horizontal line imprinted on the backs of their heads. Yep, caused by the rubber band that was secured by two mother approved STAPLES that rested right against your young delicate face. There was two small nose holes that had you breathing like Darth Vader. The slit for your mouth only served to see how many times you can stick your tongue through it without it getting cut. (I think most of the time was spent licking in the mask). The pupil size eye holes only made it possible to see in front of you, because peripheral vision wasn’t a major part of crossing streets a night. We only turned our heads towards the sound of screeching tires.


For some reason, Halloween was usually chilly, so we had to cover up our plastic suits with winter coats, then pull open our winter coats at every house just so people could see our costumes. This continuous motion made us high risk for catching colds and flu viruses (this is also where the muscle memory for flashing came into our lives. later, we kept the coat, then we replaced our costumes with birthday suits).


One of the craziest things about Halloween is the tradition of going house to house asking strangers for treats to put in our mouths. We would fill pillow cases and bags up to the limits with candy and treats. We only wanted sugar. We only wanted chocolates. We didn't want any apples or healthy stuff, we had that at home. Give it to us in quantities that our "concerned" parents wouldn't. In fact it would be cool to just pour spoon fulls of sugar right into our bags...better yet, maybe just inject it right into our blood streams. Candy was our drug. We needed it...we had fits for it. I would take my bag from the night and hide it in my room. When moments allowed, I would close my door, find my sugar stash and indulge. If there was a monster under my bed, he was created from the piles of candy wrappers and crumbs that I swept underneath my bed. Ants were my friends.


Looking back, all the unknown hazards we put ourselves in, were more scarier than any Halloween costume. But, we made it.


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