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An album that honestly showcases Corey's comedic creativity.  After many disagreements with a development team on what the content should be on his first album, three 

versions were completed.   

"It was scheduled to be released February 2016. But I wasn't satisfied with the progress and product. I almost had a nervous breakdown and decided to do it over. I wanted to stretch myself and do something I wasn't expected to do". 

Months past the deadline, Corey left the comedy club, went to a recording studio and "Locked the door."


"When I was on an out of town gig, away from the studio, I would find a parking lot and record in my car. I didn't have people looking over my shoulder and I was able to find a more fluid creative flow, which allowed me to pour more honesty into what I was doing."


To incorporate Standup, musical comedy, story and sketches on one album is nothing new for the genre of comedy. But, Volume 1 of a Mad Man, delivers content on relationships, sharing, politics and bigotry, for the genre of comedy in a refreshing way.  

"This album was a big opportunity for me to add something positive to the comedy scene and I went with it. It even has a dope vibe to it." 

Volume 1 of a Mad Man


Host of

Off The Pad Podcast

Two comedians, Jayé Toler & Corey Marshall, team up to bring you refreshingly entertaining dialogue on the stuff YOU WANT TO DISCUSS! No topic is off-limits! So you may hear about issues that you’d normally talk about in private, relationships and romance, current news, social concerns, sports, politics, life, tv & movies, viral videos, rumors, celebrities, history, and anything else conversation-worthy. Suggest topics you want to hear by sending an Inbox message, emailing us at "OffThePadPodcast@gmail.com", you just might make the next episode (and we might give ya a PodShout)!!

Corey’s urbane disposition and Jayé Toler's energetic temperament blend together perfectly to give full, well-balanced thoughts and opinions. Masters within their own comedy careers, when they do shows together, audiences leave with teary eyes and aching bellies, wanting to know when they will share the stage again. They’re bringing this comedic collaboration to podcast, sure to captivate you and have you tuning in each episode. No write-ups. No scripts. No do-overs. No take-backs. Just live action conversation. This is….. OFF THE PAD!

Author of

The Turn

Sugar, a gunman for a crime organization is counting down to the day when he walks away to live out the rest of his life, living his dream with.... 
Honey, the girlfriend of Sugar, fears the dream is nothing more than a bedtime story. To Honey, every turn towards the dream, seems to also face disappointment and heartache.
When a betrayal threatens not just the dream but the lives of Sugar and Honey, together they prove that their love and devotion holds surprises for everyone involved…at every turn. 
The Turn is the perspective of two authors, whose unique writing styles add intriguing points of view that color the thoughts & personalities of the main characters.