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At the start of the show the crowd applauds and the Syllogist takes the stage. Taking a few silent seconds he gazes into the audience then delivers an improvisational line that causes the audience to erupt in laughter. He pauses then delivers another solid one liner. After breaking the crowd he goes into his routine with a unique smooth delivery. Some lines are delivered with a deadpan stare while others are accompanied by widened eyes and an occasional head nod. Whether it's one of his Mad points of view or one his many unbelievable experiences, the crowd pays attention to his every word and eats up every punchline.

Corey "Mad Man" Marshall is noted for his tactful delivery on topics ranging from social issues, faith, family, and odd observations. His creativity has him currently on tour with NBC's "Last Comic Standing" winner, RodMan. Combining his urbane nature and explosive animation, Corey is sure to illustrate exactly why he's quickly becoming a favorite among crowds and comedians alike.

To deliver comedy in a way that positively touches peoples lives is a challenge. But, Corey strives to leave each audience not only with a genuine smile, but also with an uplifted attitude.
"I'm not a very sociable person. But, I make an effort to shake hands and greet people after a show, to be sure that they had a good time." 
Once meeting Corey, you'll begin to realize that comedy is just one of the many layers that surrounds a core of creativity. When asked about what drives and inspires him to be the type of comedian he is, his answer was unexpected and revealed another layer.
"I'm inspired by many things. I look at stand-up and entertainment as an opportunity to reach people at a time when they're ready to receive what you have to say. If that's the case, I don't wanna just say something so surface (or generic), that it doesn't have any weight. So to be sure that I'm inspiring someone, I challenge myself to have a lifestyle that is open to being inspired. I study Jediism at the TOTJO. I surround myself with inspirational people, my partner being one of them, and I'm always careful of what I focus my attention on."